About Us


Martha David-Vallejo is the founder of Smart  Solutions Deco. She is a decorator with a very elegant and clean taste for her design work.

She has been doing decorations and remodeling for over 18 years. Her designs are  mostly modern, contemporary and also traditional. She started her business in Colombia where she was the owner of a very successful furniture store in Cali, “El Mueble Europeo”.

Her husband was transferred to Miami, Florida in 1998 and that’s when she started Smart Solutions Deco. A design, remodeling company that provides innovative ideas for your home and commercial needs. She travels often to the USA and Europe visiting trade shows and bringing to her clients the newest in the market.

Her daughter Juliana High, a Graphic Designer joined the company on 2014. She brings with her innovative ideas to the table, as a true millennial and business woman. Together they have a great team, and their dedication to their clients is one of their biggest strengths.


Juliana (954)793-3650


Martha (954)793-350